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харя рожа кочан

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Name: André Kobzar aka Андрiй Кобзар aka AK
Homo habilis sapiens (tbc)
Biometric data: DNA | Blood type | Cardiogram | X-Ray
Born: Cænozoic, Holocene Year 11971 (=MMDCCXXV auc)
Origin: complete family tree
Homeland: Pale Blue Dot 
Identity: Cosmopolitan
Citizenship: United Kingdom of Tintin, Manneken Pis and Red Devils
Height: 1.77 m
Mass: 69 kg (as of 15-Dec-2022)
Weight: 677 N
Eyes: brown
Hair: ————
Voice: E♭2 - G3 (78-196 Hz)
Address: Via Lactea, Brachium Orionis, Systema Solare, planeta Tellus, poste restante
Languages: Русский — Français — Nederlands — English — Italiano — Украïнська — Polski — SrpskoHrvatski — Беларуская — Deutsch-יידיש — Lietuvių — العربية — עברית — فارسی
Political stance: Libertarian
Religion: None. Atheist, secular humanist.
Actual membership(s): Blood Collection Service of France (deliberately suspended and boycotted as long as discriminatory "covid-passes" exist in France)
Former membership(s): Little Octobrist Organisation (1979-1982), Young Pioneer Organisation (1982-1986), Komsomol (1989-1990), Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (1999-2005), Flemish Red Cross (2001-2005), OAR-G (2011-2013)
Interests: learning, multiculturalism, world music, international politics, Libertarian studies, languages, opera, history, science, IT, teaching and more
Criminal record: none 

Proudly 26 years online with this personal homepage.

Established in 1996 in Namur, Belgium.

Previously hosted at fundp.ac.be and mac.com   

Principles and policies

It's Web 1.0 here

A personal homepage? Privately hosted? Simplistic design? Homemade html/css code? No 👍-buttons? Yes. This homepage is online since 1996 and I intentionally keep it independent because I want to be in control of it. No tracking here. No third parties' policies. No contextual ads, no sale of your data. No nothing.

Secundo, when I join a better world, my homepage will automatically disappear after a while, so these lines will not hang around perpetually when their author will have ascended to the Eternal Offline.

No social broadcasting

I see no value in social networks (LinkedIn is not a social network, it's a directory). I am not broadcasting my life urbi et orbi and I am not interested in spending my life shadowing others. I love real life and real emotions

Instant messaging policy

I am on WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and FaceTime. No multiplication of other IMs. Reason why

Privacy policy

I don't publish any private information about other people. Never.

Domain policy

I acquired kobzar.be many years ago and I intend to keep it. I use this domain for personal email hosting, this homepage, protected storage area, etc. This domain is not for sale, nor is it for commercial use.

© A. Kobzar, 1996–onward. Last update: December 2022.   Made in the EU Hosted in the EU.  Think different home